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In the vein of the classic arcade shoot'em ups (SHMUP), fight your way through endless waves of alien drones to become the greatest fighter pilot in the galaxy. Compete online against your friends (and the world) for the highest score, longest kill streak and most aliens destroyed.

Can you survive the swarms of drones? Can you defeat the motherships that control the alien fleet? Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the leaderboards?

On your journey collect timed bonuses that increase your speed, damage and fire rate. Upgrade your weapons to ensure your victory.

Controlling your ship in Drone Defense is as simple as moving you finger around the screen. Your ship will move to where you touch. Your ship will only fire when you have a finger touching the screen (can be set to always fire in the Options menu).

Requires Android 2.3.1 as a minimum.

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